The Campaign Machine, Killing American Recovery

If there is one thing that all Americans can agree on it is that money drives politics. In the United States our government largely marches to the beat set by wealthy personal donors and corporate backers. Elected officials in Washington acquiesce to well-funded lobbyists who represent the interests of the most powerful and profitable organizations in the world. Continue reading


Obama Jobs Tour – Failing Logic

President Barack Obama recently toured the Midwest to promote a White House jobs initiatve. He hopes to curtail some of the momentum developed by his Republican opposition during the summer. His bus tour around the region has taken a great deal of flak from opposition groups who see it as yet another needless expense from a wasteful presidency. The expenses are of course no worse than those accumulated by any other sitting president – the argument is just a guise for thinly-veiled hatred of President Obama himself. Continue reading

The Battle for Libya

After a nearly six-month stalemate the rebels in Libya, who had been held inside the eastern half of the nation, have broken through the government front and now occupy much of the capital city of Tripoli. The authoritarian regime of Muammar Qaddafi is on its last legs and the popular revolution, which seems to represent at the very least a majority of the Libyan people, is on the verge of claiming victory over the long-standing dictator. Continue reading