Mitt Romney is a Dangerous Idiot

A few weeks ago I wrote a column with the tongue-in-cheek title “The Debate the Ended the Election”. It addressed the wildly over-hyped first debate in which Mitt Romney looked “presidential” and President Obama looked tired.  I highlighted the fact that the map still favored the president and, more importantly, that Mitt Romney was still a dangerous idiot (again here and here).

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy the “dangerous” and “idiot” labels deserve further investigation.

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Election 2012 – The Prediction

Editor’s Note: This entire column might be tossed in the garbage by Hurricane Sandy. The storm could build support for the White House and federal relief efforts or it could leave voters with a sour taste in their mouth on Election Day. Additionally, the storm could delay Election Day entirely in many places. A disaster of this magnitude landing directly on a presidential election is unprecedented, so all predictions are wading into the deep here. Continue reading

No Vote is Wasted [Part Two]

Are there legitimate arguments to make that voting is a waste of time? I’m willing to hear you out, but I must respectfully disagree. When I was young(er) I thought my vote did not matter. I was also a Republican. A lot has changed since then.

Remember, remember the 7th of November.

Your vote is not statistically insignificant, and it does matter to the outcome of the election.

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