The Debate that Ended the Election

It has been one week since Debatemageddon.

According to the pundits in-the-know, Obama lost handily.

According to the people watching at home, Obama lost handily.

What does this all mean for the 2012 Election on November 6th? Hopefully, not a whole lot.

Mitt Romney came in guns blazing and in his first appearance to a national audience he took the President of the United States to task. Mr. Romney seemed likeable and engaged while President Obama seemed uninterested in debate and more interested in discussing his own policies. Mitt Romney was also lying the entire time, but simple minds are easily swayed.

The Obama campaign went into full hysterics when polling data over the next few days revealed just how bad the damage was. Undecided voters seemed to like Romney. With just four weeks remaining how could the White House win them back?

Then the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the September jobs report.

The United States economy has not fully recovered from the disastrous 2008 Recession, but the White House can spend the next four weeks spreading the message that it has officially erased the jobs crisis it was handed on January 20, 2009. Some people think the Bush administration deserves no blame for the state of the economy in 2012. Those people cannot perform basic math. Obama had no chance with them anyway.

So Romney had a “great” debate. Okay. He lied about nearly everything he said, and/or now has completely different positions than the ones he has campaigned on for roughly six years, but he won the debate.

What is the substance of winning a debate?

John Kerry crushed George W. Bush in their first debate in 2004. Kerry did not have as sizeable a debate lead as Romney, but he was also running against a much more beatable candidate.

George W. Bush had a disastrous first term presidency.

He invaded Afghanistan and then promptly forgot about it while trumpeting for a new war with Iraq. He invaded Iraq only after lying to the American people and forging the evidence for war. He had TWO recessions during his first term… Oh, and 9-11. The worst terrorist attack in world history happened because George W. Bush literally tossed the Al Qaeda memo left for him by President Clinton into the trash.

How does that compare with Obama?

The unemployment rate in the United States today is 7.8 percent. When Ronald Reagan declared “Morning in America” in 1984 the national unemployment rate was 7.4 percent – Reagan was re-elected in a landslide. President Obama ended the war in Iraq and prosecuted the war in Afghanistan exactly as promised. Our troops now have a timetable for withdrawal.

President Obama ordered the assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

Mitt Romney explicitly stated that he would not consider going into Pakistan to get the mastermind of 9-11 while he ran for the Republican nomination in 2007. After the mission was a success Romney said that the White House decision to attack was a no-brainer.

Mitt Romney took his shot on domestic policy and got everyone all excited for a few days. The President was off his game and Romney was ready to go. However, over the next few weeks Americans will have to face reality. This economy is creating jobs. The Dow Jones is as high today as it was before the financial collapse began.

President Obama will get another boost on November 2 when the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases another jobs report. Republicans will likely claim, again, that the BLS is just doing it for Obama but the fact is this economy is creating jobs.

Obviously President Obama has work to do. But at this point the disaster that would be a Romney presidency must win Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and then another state where President Obama has a lead in order to win the White House.

We don’t need to start looking into our Canadian citizenship options just yet, but we do need to get out the vote. Romney can only win in 2012 if good people do nothing and indifferent people pretend the world around them doesn’t exist.

You don’t have to vote for Obama, you just have to realize the disaster of voting for Romney.


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