The Return of the Neo-Cons

Bush’s boys are back and they are ready to destroy the economy while sinking their teeth deep into another land war in Asia. So excited!

President George W. Bush was a disaster. He was, perhaps, the worst president in the history of the United States. There are many presidents who accomplished very little during their tenure. There are many others who oversaw catastrophes. President Bush, by comparison, accomplished a great deal and his greatest accomplishment was unimaginable catastrophe.

Hell No

President Bush’s economic policies destroyed the middle class, shipped jobs overseas, and moved more money to the top of the income bracket.

Wages stagnated during the Bush administration; layoffs and outsourcing accelerated. In just one year the greatest economy in the world, the one handed to him by President Clinton in January 2001, was in crisis. Ignoring for the moment Bush’s inability to protect this country from the September 11th attacks, the Bush economy experienced crises in 2001 and in 2003. The price of oil and gasoline went up, the consumer economy stagnated, and job growth ground to a halt.

The elixir to cure years of economic malaise was supposed to be the Bush tax cuts. They were supposed to allow the growth to “trickle down” by unburdening the super wealthy from the shackles of shared prosperity. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy added hundreds of billions of dollars to the annual budget deficit. They crushed the government’s ability to pay for its own regular programs and operation, let alone its ability to pay for neo-conservative yearning for wanton aggression overseas.

Before President Bush took office Washington was producing the biggest surpluses in the history of government (ever). When the neo-cons took power the government began to fall apart.

President Bush’s foreign policies were perhaps even worse than his domestic ones – a remarkable achievement all things considered.

We occupied Afghanistan under the auspices of hunting down Osama bin Laden and then immediately cancelled all operations to find him. We invaded and occupied Iraq under false pretenses and even lied to the international community about our reasons for action at the United Nations. Thousands of American soldiers and civilians, and hundreds of thousands of Afghans and Iraqis, died in the wars the neo-cons so desperately wanted to fight. The official White House position on Iraq in 2004: a “catastrophic success“.

Nothing says “peace” like a joint-strike fighter

Of course before any of this happened the Bush administration ignored repeated warnings from its intelligence community regarding terrorist attacks inside the United States. Remember, George W. Bush had been president for nearly 9 months when the attacks occurred. He had spent much of the month of August on vacation clearing brush at his Crawford, Texas ranch. On August 6, 2001 he sent away a CIA intelligence officer who carried with him a memo clearly stating “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US”. That little fact wasn’t tucked away somewhere that a rational person could have missed… it was the TITLE OF THE DOCUMENT HAND-DELIVERED TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR HIS EYES ONLY.

The last neo-conservative White House not only set the United States into a downward economic spiral, it also shattered foreign alliances, allowed unprecedented Chinese influence into American decision-making, gutted working Americans, exported wealth to a class of ultra-wealthy elites, and got innumerable thousands of people killed in the process.

President George W. Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States.

Never fear, Mitt Romney is here and he brought a few friends.

If America makes the mistake of electing the former liberal, once moderate, part-time severely conservative, now moderate again Mitt Romney as President of the United States the Bush administration will have company at the bottom of the barrel in a short 8 years.

Instead of giving Obama a shot to fix it, lets give Romney a chance to re-live it!

Mitt Romney’s only experience in business is laying people off and turning profits for himself and other rich people. His only experience in government is issuing hundreds of executive vetoes only to have them overruled by a Democratic state legislature that essentially did his work for him. When he left office in Massachusetts to pursue a career as a presidential candidate he was so unpopular that his handpicked successor was crushed in a landslide election.

Since he has no people of his own to bring in to a campaign – or a future administration – it should not be surprising that he has turned to the previous Republican administration for recruits.

President Obama looked to President Clinton’s White House for his staff and hand picked the same guys who presided over some of the greatest economic growth in American history. Candidate Romney, to his credit, has picked some of the best and brightest of a group that presided over simultaneous economic, domestic, and foreign policy catastrophes.

Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to be impressed.

Mitt Romney will be a terrible president. How do I know this? Because he is completely unfit to be president on his own accord or merit – just like George W. Bush, who somehow defeated an 8-year incumbent vice-President who saw nothing but success during his time in office.

Romney is surrounded by a “Who’s Who” of policy staff failures. Of his 24 listed foreign policy advisors, 17 are Bush-era flunkies. Mr. Romney has no clue what to do on foreign policy, and is willing to say anything that moves the meter on domestic issues.

The man is a fool. Worse yet, he is a fool surrounded by fools.

Mr. Romney has stated that he wants to return to the interventionist policies of the Bush administration. He supports military action against Iran and Syria. He has circumvented the standard avenues of diplomacy to gin up verbal battles with Russia and China. Mr. Romney is a big fan of Dick Cheney. Mr. Cheney is a big fan of Mitt Romney.

The man is against President Obama’s New START agreement with Moscow through which the world’s foremost nuclear powers will coordinate to disassemble parts of their arsenals. Mitt Romney penned an op-ed himself for The Washington Post in which he said it was “Obama’s worst foreign-policy mistake”.

Huh? How is it a bad thing to have fewer nuclear weapons? America still has the biggest stick and Russia now has fewer poorly-guarded weapons laying around for terrorists to snap up. How is this a bad idea?

It’s just math

Mr. Romney wants to cut taxes in order to stimulate economic growth – maybe, just maybe, this will be the time that tax cuts succeed in creating growth instead of debt. He is both for and against women’s reproductive health. He supports cutting funding for education and school lunch programs. When faced in debate with a question of how he would address a $1 trillion budget shortfall he brought up two cuts (PBS and Amtrak) that, if enacted, would hurt millions of Americans (mostly the poor) and still leave more than 99.9 percent of the deficit intact.

Mr. Romney is a an even wealthier version of George W. Bush. He is a guy born on third base who thinks he hit a triple. Now he wants you to wild pitch him to home plate by making a collective bad decision.

We already had 8 years of the neo-cons. They ruined enough for a lifetime. Why give them 8 more?

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