One Week to Go

President Obama has not been perfect these last three and a half years. He has not been the progressive stalwart many wanted. He has not used the Oval Office to champion the political left as his predecessor had done for the political right. Many thought they were voting for a new era of politics when the candidate was closer to a Democratic version of Ronald Reagan.

Many progressives feel let down by Obama, but that does not mean they are willing to vote for the alternative – a cowardly, warmongering, draft dodger who wants to cut taxes on the wealthy (and himself) while imposing draconian cuts to social programs and domestic spending.

See how closely this adventure in France resembled the killing fields of Vietnam?

America already elected the Harvard-educated Republican businessman who promised to create jobs with no firm details and had no interest in the realities of American foreign policy. Mitt Romney is even bringing back the entire Bush administration – a group that only a mother could love.

No informed voter should be expected to vote for the candidate who never met a lie he couldn’t pander and who has embraced flip-flopping on a scale never before seen in American politics.

President Barack Obama has been far from perfect during his first term, but he was handed a disaster 8-years-in-the-making on his first day. If you judge his presidency from March 2009, when the economy finally bottomed out and recovery initiatives were implemented, he has been remarkably successful.

The spike is the 2010 Census

Presidents actually have very limited domestic powers and this president, to his credit, has chosen to let Congress do its job and go about the task of building policy.

With the levels of Republican obstruction the president has faced it is probably best that he not wade too deeply into congressional nonsense. He got his landmark healthcare reform. He got his equal pay for women. He successfully executed a large bailout and stimulus package to aid in economic recovery.

In addition to his domestic policies, President Obama has overseen many foreign policy accomplishments. As evidenced by the debate performances on October 16 and October 22, President Obama is nearly untouchable on foreign policy. Ending one war and setting a firm withdrawal date for the other (while killing the world’s most wanted terrorist) will do that for you.

Mitt Romney has pointed time and again to the attacks in Benghazi as evidence of the Obama administration’s failure. Terrorists picked the exact time and place to strike when our team in Libya was at its most vulnerable. Several arrests have been made and President Obama has vowed that justice will be done. The death of our ambassador should not be used as political fodder against an administration that has accomplished so much in Libya. The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens was a serious and tragic event in American history.

This president has been very successful in his first term and the magnitude of the job remaining before us indicates that America needs another four years to set things right. When his achievements are weighed against the certain catastrophe of a Romney presidency the choice becomes all too clear: re-elect President Barack Obama.

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