Obama’s Asia Trip and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Obama is touring three often-overlooked Asian nations this week as part of a multipurpose diplomatic mission. The stated purpose of the trip is to show Washington’s consideration for political development and reform in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. A more important aspect of the trip, at least in the eyes of many in Washington, is building support for greater membership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Continue reading


John McCain is a Dangerous Idiot

See, Mitt Romney was dangerous primarily because he didn’t have anything useful to say about anything other than corporate tax rates. He wanted to be the leader of the free world except he had no thoughts on the whole “world” part of the equation. He was a dangerous idiot, clear as day.

John McCain is hell and gone from Mitt Romney. Continue reading

Save Money, Save Time, Vote Earlier

As an Ohioan I recognize the naked partisan objectives of Secretary of State John Husted in limiting early voting hours in this state. I see his intention to limit participation from minorities, the working poor, and other Democratic-leaning constituencies. I understand the math behind his motives. Thankfully, I can see in the election results how those motives backfired. Continue reading

Enjoying the Conservative Echo Chamber

Tuning in to Fox News Channel the last few days has been a live action dramatic portrayal of the Kübler-Ross “The Five Stages of Grief”. The best episode was of course the pilot on election night, in which alleged political genius Karl Rove frantically rushed about denying his own channel’s election call. Rove burned through nearly $400 million supporting congressional candidates and of course Mitt Romney. Rove lost virtually every race he tossed money into. Continue reading

The New Electoral Landscape

On October 30, 2012 I made a prediction about the eventual outcome of the upcoming presidential election. I was wrong. I predicted that President Obama would take home 294 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 244 in a race that was too close for comfort. I shared my worry with friends and family that the election was just a few Tagg Romney owned voting machines and Rick Scott voter suppression initiatives away from going to the Republican, which would have been an absolute disaster. Continue reading

The Election and the Fiscal Cliff

With the presidential election behind us the next obstacle facing this nation is an impending fiscal cliff. In January 2013 the United States will approach a so-called “fiscal cliff”. At this point the Bush tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 will end for all Americans, the payroll tax cuts put together by President Obama will end, and an automatic cut of more than $1 trillion will be taken out of the discretionary defense budget. Continue reading

Get Out The Vote

Today is Election Day in the United States of America.

Today 100 million Americans may turn out to cast their ballot for the President of the United States. In addition to the presidential election, millions of ballots will be cast for the United States Senate and House of Representatives, for state legislatures and gubernatorial races, and for local and municipal government. Continue reading