John McCain is a Dangerous Idiot

See, Mitt Romney was dangerous primarily because he didn’t have anything useful to say about anything other than corporate tax rates. He wanted to be the leader of the free world except he had no thoughts on the whole “world” part of the equation. He was a dangerous idiot, clear as day.

John McCain is hell and gone from Mitt Romney.

McCain’s absurd and abusive personal attacks on the Office of the President of the United States in the past few weeks have been disarmingly alarmist. The unhinged Warmonger-in-Chief, who thinks the diplomatic solution to all things is aerial bombardment, has decided to light the proverbial fuse in Washington, DC.

Senator McCain once aspired to the highest office for himself. Now, the irrelevant septuagenarian has decided that his last act before retirement (Please, God) will be making a mockery of the United States Senate – in as much as there remains room to mock a body that has been held up for four years by a panicked and feverish minority party desperate for attention.

In October, America’s least favorite angry granddad was in Ohio campaigning for Josh Mandel’s doomed Senate race. Captain Disgruntled had this gem to share in discussing the September 11th attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya: “Either the president is involved in a massive cover-up or he is grossly incompetent and not qualified to be commander in chief”.

Thanks, Johnny.

So, you are calling the President of the United States a traitor, the punishment for which is death? Oh right right right, you’re also and otherworldly coward so you wouldn’t be so callous and stupid to call for executing President Obama. Instead, you mince words and say he was either involved in some sort of cover-up, or he’s totally incompetent. Hmm. John, have you met Sarah Palin? You want to talk about incompetent? I’ve got incompetent in SPADES for you big guy (note: John McCain is actually quite tiny).

Just to be clear, Senator McCain seems to want to execute the President of the United States for treason.

Next, Mr. McCain wants to block any possible nomination of Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, to the soon-to-be vacated position of Secretary of State.

First of all, President Obama has not nominated Mrs. Rice for anything. Second, she is perfectly qualified to step in for outgoing Secretary Hillary Clinton. Appointing Ambassador Rice to the leadership position with the Department of State or the Department of Defense would allow a near-seamless transition. With America still trying to extricate itself from Afghanistan (a war which McCain supported, but a withdrawal for which he has voiced displeasure) it is very important that we transition from one secretary to the next.

What do McCain and his lapdog Lindsey Graham have against Ambassador Rice? Once again: she is “unqualified”.

Again, these are two men directly responsible for promoting the idea of Sarah Palin as the vice-President of the United States. Seriously.

They stand on principle and will not allow anyone involved with “the Benghazi debacle” to sit in government? Hmm. Where were you two super genius defense strategists 11 years ago?

On September 11, 2012 while thousands of demonstrators were on the streets all around North Africa and the Middle East protesting some stupid video made by some racist guy who hates Muslims, our consulate in Benghazi (not an embassy) was attacked. Original reports showed that a protest outside the compound has escalated into violence. Four Americans, including the Ambassador to Libya, were killed. It was a national tragedy and everyone in the Obama administration vowed to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible.

Okay, end of story, right? No, because the Republican Party has lost all sense of humanity, let alone decency.

The same guys who absolved President George W. Bush of any fault in allowing THE SINGLE GREATEST TERRORIST ACT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD are now going to draw a line in the sand over a compound being attacked in an active war zone. You have got to be kidding.

John McCain is a crazy person.

Unfortunately, he is also a senior member of the Republican Party and of the United States Senate. Mr. McCain is quickly making himself completely irrelevant. The evaporation of his credibility as a politician and as a tactician has been rapid and brutal. I am sure Fox News will have a well-paid desk job waiting for him if and when he finally gives up the game.

We can only hope that retirement comes sooner than later.


1 thought on “John McCain is a Dangerous Idiot

  1. I am not a member of either party. I have voted Republican and Democrat. I sincerely liked McCain when he ran for President, but voted the other way. However, he has turned into a bitter, crazy man since he lost his run for the office. Thank God he didn’t make it. I voted for Evan Bayh and Ronald Reagan, etc. Mr. McCain, you are neither one. How repulsed I am by the way you act. It is humiliating and disgusting.

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