Our Sacred Defense Budget is Hurting America

Half of the elected members of the United States government are violently and vehemently opposed to “tax and spend” policies allegedly championed by President Barack Obama. They want to shrink the government, cut the deficit, and undo government overreach… just don’t ask them about the Department of Defense.

The vast majority of Americans are in favor of cutting the defense budget. The “fiscal cliff” gives us a perfect opportunity to slash the sacred cow for the first time in more than a decade. If Democrats and Republicans cannot come to an agreement for the budget by 2 January 2013 an automatic sequestration kicks in. This procedure would pull more than $100 billion out of the defense budget over the next ten years.

The United States is slated to spend $8 trillion on the defense budget in the next decade. The cliff-induced sequestration is a rounding error for the Department of Defense.

What are we doing with that $8 trillion? Eight trillion dollars… The United States is running enormous deficits every year that will eventually cause irreparable damage to our economy and our national security, and we are spending $8 trillion on the Department of Defense? We are spending the GDP of China on defense? Defense from what?

This is the 21st century. Nations all over the world, from France to Fiji, are shrinking and modernizing their militaries with an eye toward efficiency and utility. The United States is spending $8 trillion in the next decade on a military already so unparalleled most of its firepower is simply useless.

The world would not accept any situation in which the United States unleashed its full military strength. The American people would not accept such a situation. The amount of destructive potential that could be released by the United States military is enough to sterilize the surface of the planet, killing not only every person, but every organism.

Most of this destruction would come from our nuclear arsenal.

Oh no, Russia can kill us all even harder than we can kill us all!

Oh no, Russia can kill us all even harder than we can kill us all!

President Obama spoke on December 3 at an arms control symposium at the National War College. He spoke of the need to work with Russia once again for further arms reductions around the world. When President Obama successfully brought the Russian Federation into a New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty during his first term Republicans cried foul. As he renews his push for nuclear arms reduction they will cry foul again.

The last arms reduction treaty to pass Congress was held up by filibuster until Democrats included Republican amendments to spend even more money on the nuclear arsenal.

At a time when our country is so strong militarily, relative to the rest of the world, that it is impregnable to conventional attack, at a time when our federal budget deficit is the single-greatest threat to our national security, Republicans are not only universally against cuts to the defense budget, they are actually pro-nuclear weapons.

The United States is going to spend $640 billion over the next ten years on its nuclear arsenal – a weapons fleet large enough to sterilize the planet, and with enough explosive potential to change the earth’s orbit around the sun.

Social Security and Medicare are on the chopping block. School lunch programs are under attack. Unemployment benefits are being held hostage.

The American people are suffering… but the handful of companies that make nuclear weapons are untouched, happily producing munitions to attack an enemy that effectively collapsed nearly 40 years ago without a shot being fired.

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