Boehner Continues Assault on American Financial Security

If the United States Congress fails to raise the debt limit the American financial economy could be ruined. The American dollar could be ruined. The already weak recovery could turn sharply into a deep and catastrophic recession. Knowing these facts, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced last week his latest plan to destroy the economy by not raising the debt limit on May 19, 2013. Continue reading


GOP Still Not Serious About Governing, Economy, Recovery

Working families felt the brunt of the recession, they received no government bailouts or blank checks, and now they are feeling the brunt of the “recovery”. Budget austerity is championed by the rich for a reason; they don’t feel a thing. The American people need help, and they need leadership, at a time when the loudest voices in Washington offer nothing more than ridicule and partisan bickering. Continue reading

Inequality: The New Normal

If you ask any American to name the “greatest country in the world” you ought to expect one predominant answer: America!

There definitely is value in patriotism, but at some point a proud nationalist becomes a blind evangelist. The United States of America was once the greatest nation on earth. It was once the most wealthy, most powerful, and most innovative nation on earth. Today, the U.S. has a middling and bloated economy, with socioeconomic stratification never before seen in the developed world. Continue reading